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We're Going to America!

In the US, people line up to be the "first" to get an iPhone, a Play Station 3, movie tickets of the latest installment of Star Wars or just to get into a store on Boxing Day.

In Developing Nations, people line up to get food, drinking water and even their daily wages.

No wonder everyone wants to come to America!


The Shrew said...

You said it.

Shruti said...

great said.

Just said...

Not really....

If that wud have been just the case, then there wud have been no homeless shelters, foodservices, charities and organisations working for people on streets in US.

If people queue up for latest tech gizzmos, then there are people for stand in queues of free foodlines, if there are people in US who drive swanky cars, then there are people who work 2 jobs a day so they can get food on their table.

Developing nations is not always about people lining up for food, driking water and earning daily wages, if so, then then India would have never become a biggest market for cosmetics, brand clothings, beverages, beers and liquors, latest mobilephones and ipods.

And talking abt people coming to US, its only those people who can afford the nano's and shuffles and dreaming abt US and landing here.

so much for developing nation !!!

Can't C Me said...

I'm not saying there are no poor people in the US. Ofcourse, there are. But the rich definitely out-number the poor in the US than in all developing countries.

I agree, it is not fair to say developing nations are all about lining up for food etc. India is the biggest market for all the things you mentioned only because of its population. The middle-class in India is "only" about 250 million compared to over 1.1 billion population! 250 million is a huge market. However, it is still a relatively small proportion of the total population which is largely poor.

Also, US only accepts people who are relatively well-to-do into the country. The rest can only dream!

This post was not to point out anything bad about any country. It was just a general observation.

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